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Our Premium Cactus and Succulent Soil Has been formulated to allow proper drainage while giving your plants the proper nutrients for 8-9 months. Plants commonly suffer due to lack of nutrients. While most soils contain the bare minimum for plants to survive, They do not provide what the plants need to thrive. We recommend adding a supplemental food source. Weather it is a topical or a systemic your plants will thank you for giving them what they want. We have taken all the hard work out of this by providing a soil mixture specifically designed to give your plants exactly what they desire. you will see a noticeable difference within days. Plants will stand stronger, Flower more often, and just be more vibrant given the appropriate amount of food.

Time to lower your watering and warm your plants.

Now is the time to start decreasing your watering and possibly pulling your plants in as the days get cooler.

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