Buy Succulents Online

Buy Succulents Online

It is no longer necessary to drive out to a nursery or a garden store to buy new plants, now you can buy succulents online from Fat Plants San Diego. We can send your favorite succulents and succulent supplies straight to your home. You may be wondering, “Can you really just send a live plant through the mail?” The answer is yes! The plant and flower industry of the United States grew to over $150 billion dollars in 2020 and shows no signs of stopping. Our succulents routinely find new homes all over the country mere days after being ordered. When you buy succulents online from Fat Plants, you can shop with confidence and peace of mind. 

Orders are sent via two- and three-day shipping. As we are plant enthusiasts ourselves, we put a priority on making sure you get a healthy succulent when you buy succulents online. Orders are prepared with potting and packaging needed to keep your plants safe and secure. While most orders are shipped within 48 hours of being received, we keep track of US weather trends, especially during summer and winter months. Spending a night in a cold or hot delivery truck over a weekend is not ideal for a live plant. If the delivery route will expose your order to onerous heat or cold, we will hold it until Monday so your order keeps moving until it reaches your home. If you would like to arrange expedited shipping, please call us at (858) 267-6282 and we will accommodate you as well as possible.

A couple of days in transit will cause no harm to most plants sent this way. However, we do understand that sometimes accidents happen. That’s why our return policy takes damaged deliveries into account. If, for any reason, your order arrives with noticeable physical damage, just take a picture of the plant and shipping box as they arrived, then contact us for more assistance. 

We even have you covered after your initial order. If your plants show signs of poor health within the first 30 days of ordering, please contact us and we will do what we can to help them recover. In most cases, succulents can recover with a few small changes. Succulents evolved to survive and thrive in difficult conditions. This low maintenance level makes them ideal for just about any living situation or size of home.

Fat Plants wants to assure our customers that they can buy succulents online with peace of mind. Online sales are a core part of this $150 billion industry and expected to continue growing. We hope you’ll keep coming back to us for your future needs as a succulent owner. 

Our mission is to serve our customers with excellent products, and ensure their satisfaction long after their order has been placed. Rest assured that when you place an order with Fat Plants San Diego, you have made the right choice.


Welcome to The Succulent Corner! I am The Succulent Whisperer, and I love that you love succulents! Or, are at least interested. So, you have purchased, or are thinking of purchasing amazing plants from Fat Plants San Diego. You have made an excellent choice. Fat Plant plants are so well cared for and are beautiful! The packaging to ship your plants is the most protective and safe packaging I have ever seen. Fat Plants San Diego does an astounding job shipping! That is, of course, the first hurdle. Getting your purchased plants to your home. You should anticipate a great shipping experience! But, if your experience is less than great, be sure to reach out to Fat Plants San Diego. Their customer service is first rate, and they are very vested in your experience.

Your purchases have been shipped and the box arrived at your home. If the temperature outside is cold do not leave the plants out any longer than is necessary, most succulents and cacti do not love cold. Bring your box inside and let it warm up or cool down for about 30 minutes before opening the box. When sufficiently warmed or cooled, make sure the box is right side up, and open it! Carefully take out each plant and open the smaller box. Remove the plant from its box, and there you have it! A beautiful plant is now in your possession. Look at your new plant carefully, to assess any shipping damage. You can expect the plant to look a little droopy, especially if it got cold. Let the plant sit for a little while. Shipping under the best circumstances is hard on the plants, and any shipping is shocking to them. A bit of time to finish warming up or cooling down. When your plant is acclimated, you can take it out of the plastic nursery pot and move it into a container of your own. There are several ways to pot succulents, and I go into detail in my blog, TheSucculentWhisperer.blog.

Fat Plants San Diego also makes its own soil mix for cactus and succulents. It is literally called Cactus and Succulent Mix. I have just started using it for my plants, and I am so far impressed. The soil is fluffy and has a good amount of biological matter and grit. The Cactus and Succulent Mix also feeds your plants for up to nine months! That is awesome! You can order it from Fat Plants San Diego. Be careful to read about your plant and to take any precautions needed. Some have sap that burns you, and some have spines that can really hurt. So, after carefully taking the plant out of its plastic pot and into its new pot, you are now the owner of a beautiful plant! If you have a collection already, then I hop you like your new addition. If this is your first succulent or cactus, then welcome to this varied and a little weird plant world!

Succulent Variety Package

Once you’ve decided to start your own succulent garden, you will have to decide just what exactly you want to plant. This can be confusing if you’re a newcomer. A succulent variety package is an excellent way to start your garden quickly. You’ll receive a combination of unique  plant species with no duplicates included. These denizens of the desert require minimal attention to thrive. All they need is sunlight, well-draining succulent soil, a little love, and the occasional splash of water. This makes them ideal for new plant enthusiasts and succulent connoisseurs alike. With so many different sizes, shapes and species, succulents will immediately add color and character to your home. 

Outdoor gardens aren’t the only ideal place for succulents to live. They also make excellent additions to the interior of a home. You can add them to shelves, window sills, on nightstands, as the centerpiece of your coffee table, any spot you want to liven up at home. Succulents can live in almost any type of container, as long as there is a way for water to drain out of the soil. Many species will grow as large as their pot will allow, so a spacious pot means a large, strong plant.  Indoor succulents thrive next to well-lit windows. This will provide ample sunlight in most instances. A grow lamp is a suitable solution for lighting as well for the windows that do not get enough light. 

Succulents make excellent gifts for special occasions with their low cost, long life and ease of care. When you have holidays and birthdays of loved ones coming up, a succulent variety package will help ensure you have something for everyone. For those moving into a new place to live, a set of small potted mini plants or cacti will make that new house feel like a home with its own unique flavor right away. 

Fat Plants San Diego offers numerous succulent variety packages to meet the tastes and needs of our customers. We have small plants, tall plants, and everything in between. Dozens of different species of cuttings are available, grown and shipped from our very own licensed nursery. Packages range from as few as 5 plants to as many as you need. We are happy to accommodate custom orders for succulent enthusiasts who know exactly what they want. Once you place your order, you can typically expect your beautiful new succulent cuttings to arrive within 3 days to a week. Be sure to take them out of their shipping boxes as quickly as you can!

Fat Plants San Diego is ready to send your new cactus and succulents any time of year. We ship all year round with a great arrival success rate. depending on the distance and route we determine the proper time to ship. If there is a hot or freezing Sunday, we will hold your plant till the following Monday. We do this to protect your succulents from freezing and or melting in a hot or frozen truck since Sunday is usually a non-delivery day. We periodically add new products and new variety packages, so check back often. You can count on us for anything you need to keep your cactus and succulent collection healthy and happy for years to come. We carry a wide array of succulents and succulent care products to make our customers happy and spread the joy of succulent ownership to others. For all your current and future succulent needs, you can count on Fat Plants San Diego.

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