Agave americana mediopicta alba

Agave americana mediopicta albaThe agave americana mediopicta alba or The Century Plant is one of my favorite jumbo succulents. When I say jumbo, I mean bigger than an average person! There are several hybrids of the agave americana. We have two types growing in our gardens. We will discuss our other agaves in an upcoming post.

This agave has a bluish-green leaves with a creamy-white stripe down the middle. This plant can grow to be 4 to 6 feet wide and up to 3 to 4 feet tall It has yellow-green flowers that protrude on a long raceme. Even though it is called a Century Plant, it is really a “Decade Plant”, it will not bloom before it is at least ten years old. It is a monocarpic plant, meaning it will die after it flowers. Its offshoots pop up along side from underground and start new plants that will replace the one that flowers and perishes.

We have taken out all of our century plants that we had growing in the ground and put them in large planters. Considering the amount of growth and coverage they have made in our yards (a few up to 3 years!) we hope that they will not eventually bust open their planters.

Agave americana mediopicta albaWinter hardiness to 15 degrees F. Our agaves have done well in the shade and sun and we have a success story of one growing indoors over a winter in the midwest and surviving just fine. This agave, as most, are poisonous if ingested. Their pokers will hurt in you even slightly touch them and their juice is quite caustic.

There are many fantastic places to reference this agave. One of our favorites is San Marcos Growers. If you are interested in owning your own Century Plant, check out our store.

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