Building a Succulent Website

Building a Succulent Website

If I could go back in time and start college over again I would’ve taken as many computer classes as possible.  I remember thinking such classes were a waste of time and do not apply to me and what I wanted to major in.  Plus, they were not required to graduate. My future successes would never depend on building a website, I had convinced myself.

My grandmother’s crystal ball was always a bit hazy and Al Gore had only recently given us the World Wide Web, I had no idea that everything would depend on the Internet in the future. Now here we are twenty years later and 5th graders know more about the Internet than I do.  Several months ago I made the choice to enroll at YouTube University and basically learn step by step as I built my site. Step by step as in mistake by mistake.

I am a pretty smart person and a fast learner but let me tell you, building a succulent website has not been an easy task for me.

Fat Plants Favorie Succulent Photos55 My ADHD probably plays a huge role in the amount of time it has taken me to get a basic blog started but I think what has made it most difficult is that there is just way too much information out there.  The reason I decided to build a website about my passion, Fat Plants aka Succulents, is that I depended on the Internet to learn about my hobby. Yes, there are some fabulous websites and blogs about succulents out there but there is also a bunch of crap. Like weeds in the garden.

After years of researching the web I still can only accurately identify half of the species of succulent plants in my yard and although my initial goal was to help other fat plant lovers identify their succulent plants, my goal in building a website for succulents now is to share all of the fascinating things I have learned by testing many theories/practices from other internet gardeners on my own, living succulent plants.

To make this long story short, Please be patient with my ever-changing website. I have years of notes and photos I am trying to organize all while trying to write it in a language that is very new to me.  My computer literacy is better than my Spanish, but only by an inch. Thank you for your patience and any input, advice, criticism, comments are welcome!

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