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75 Sensational Cactus and Succulent Cuttings

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Just because you live in a climate that is not always as “succulent friendly” as San Diego doesn’t preclude you from enjoying the wonder of these amazing plants. It is now easy and affordable to start your own succulent oasis, even if it is indoors in a planter most of the year.

50 Sensational Cactus and Succulent Cuttings

We ship our plants safely in gift boxes and beautiful packaging. Every succulent package is filled with plants that have been home-grown in our outdoor gardens with love. Our plants range in sizes from our Mini Fat Plants, which are typically 1 to 2 inches to our Jumbo Fat Plants which are over 6 inches.  We have the right size plant for your terrarium, planter or garden.

Each plant is hand packaged in a shipping safe container to ensure its quality when it arrives at your home. Fully rooted plants are shipped free of growing medium, with their roots carefully wrapped in moss encased in a plastic planters. Each pack will contain a random variety of plants based on the pack you choose.

Succulent cuttings are taken from our gardens and prepared and packaged for immediate use when delivered. Don’t worry if you aren’t starting your project right away. Your plants will begin to root into the moss in roughly 10 days (results vary per type of plant). Follow our basic care instructions.

Yes, fat plants are known to be the plant that even a brown thumb gardener can’t kill. Follow a few simple rules and yours will thrive!

  • Place your succulents in a warm, sunny spot out of direct sunlight. We recommend that you do not water your cutting for approximately two to three weeks.
  • To water your succulent place your succulents in a small bowl or container and slowly pour drinking water over each one until the water is level with the moss in the cup. Let your cups soak for 20 minutes and remove them from the container.
  • Place your cuttings back in the sunny spot with a plate underneath to catch any water that will be draining from the moss.
  • We recommend watering your succulents once a week during hot summer months and as little as once per month in colder months. Most of our succulents will not be happy over-watered, in direct sunlight, or in temperatures below 38 degrees F.

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