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It is no longer necessary to drive out to a nursery or a garden store to buy new plants, now you can buy succulents online from Fat Plants San Diego. We can send your favorite succulents and succulent supplies straight to your home. You may be wondering, “Can you really just send a live plant through the mail?” The answer is yes! The plant and flower industry of the United States grew to over $150 billion dollars in 2020 and shows no signs of stopping. Our succulents routinely find new homes all over the country mere days after being ordered. When you buy succulents online from Fat Plants, you can shop with confidence and peace of mind. 

Orders are sent via two- and three-day shipping. As we are plant enthusiasts ourselves, we put a priority on making sure you get a healthy succulent when you buy succulents online. Orders are prepared with potting and packaging needed to keep your plants safe and secure. While most orders are shipped within 48 hours of being received, we keep track of US weather trends, especially during summer and winter months. Spending a night in a cold or hot delivery truck over a weekend is not ideal for a live plant. If the delivery route will expose your order to onerous heat or cold, we will hold it until Monday so your order keeps moving until it reaches your home. If you would like to arrange expedited shipping, please call us at (858) 267-6282 and we will accommodate you as well as possible.

A couple of days in transit will cause no harm to most plants sent this way. However, we do understand that sometimes accidents happen. That’s why our return policy takes damaged deliveries into account. If, for any reason, your order arrives with noticeable physical damage, just take a picture of the plant and shipping box as they arrived, then contact us for more assistance. 

We even have you covered after your initial order. If your plants show signs of poor health within the first 30 days of ordering, please contact us and we will do what we can to help them recover. In most cases, succulents can recover with a few small changes. Succulents evolved to survive and thrive in difficult conditions. This low maintenance level makes them ideal for just about any living situation or size of home.

Fat Plants wants to assure our customers that they can buy succulents online with peace of mind. Online sales are a core part of this $150 billion industry and expected to continue growing. We hope you’ll keep coming back to us for your future needs as a succulent owner. 

Our mission is to serve our customers with excellent products, and ensure their satisfaction long after their order has been placed. Rest assured that when you place an order with Fat Plants San Diego, you have made the right choice.


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