Welcome to The Succulent Corner! I am The Succulent Whisperer, and I love that you love succulents! Or, are at least interested. So, you have purchased, or are thinking of purchasing amazing plants from Fat Plants San Diego. You have made an excellent choice. Fat Plant plants are so well cared for and are beautiful! The packaging to ship your plants is the most protective and safe packaging I have ever seen. Fat Plants San Diego does an astounding job shipping! That is, of course, the first hurdle. Getting your purchased plants to your home. You should anticipate a great shipping experience! But, if your experience is less than great, be sure to reach out to Fat Plants San Diego. Their customer service is first rate, and they are very vested in your experience.

Your purchases have been shipped and the box arrived at your home. If the temperature outside is cold do not leave the plants out any longer than is necessary, most succulents and cacti do not love cold. Bring your box inside and let it warm up or cool down for about 30 minutes before opening the box. When sufficiently warmed or cooled, make sure the box is right side up, and open it! Carefully take out each plant and open the smaller box. Remove the plant from its box, and there you have it! A beautiful plant is now in your possession. Look at your new plant carefully, to assess any shipping damage. You can expect the plant to look a little droopy, especially if it got cold. Let the plant sit for a little while. Shipping under the best circumstances is hard on the plants, and any shipping is shocking to them. A bit of time to finish warming up or cooling down. When your plant is acclimated, you can take it out of the plastic nursery pot and move it into a container of your own. There are several ways to pot succulents, and I go into detail in my blog, TheSucculentWhisperer.blog.

Fat Plants San Diego also makes its own soil mix for cactus and succulents. It is literally called Cactus and Succulent Mix. I have just started using it for my plants, and I am so far impressed. The soil is fluffy and has a good amount of biological matter and grit. The Cactus and Succulent Mix also feeds your plants for up to nine months! That is awesome! You can order it from Fat Plants San Diego. Be careful to read about your plant and to take any precautions needed. Some have sap that burns you, and some have spines that can really hurt. So, after carefully taking the plant out of its plastic pot and into its new pot, you are now the owner of a beautiful plant! If you have a collection already, then I hop you like your new addition. If this is your first succulent or cactus, then welcome to this varied and a little weird plant world!

The Succulent Whisperer

We are proud to announce the collaboration of Fat Plants and the Succulent Whisperer. We will be posting informative tips and information on how to care and handle your succulents. Their vast knowledge and expertise will assist in guiding you through some of the most commonly asked questions, hurdles, and best practices for caring for your plants.

Keep an eye out for future posts and please visit their site.


Happy Succulenting!


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