The Succulent Whisperer

We are proud to announce the collaboration of Fat Plants and the Succulent Whisperer. We will be posting informative tips and information on how to care and handle your succulents. Their vast knowledge and expertise will assist in guiding you through some of the most commonly asked questions, hurdles, and best practices for caring for your plants.

Keep an eye out for future posts and please visit their site.


Happy Succulenting!

Shipping Succulents

Shipping Succulents

We LOVE early summer in Southern California. Most of our succulents and cacti do most of their growing and flowering in the summer months. We are please to have devised an awesome shipping method to make sure that your plants and succulent kits arrive in perfect condition.

We are in the process of building a succulent store for our site. Take a look at what we have so far! SHOP FAT PLANTS


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