Etiolation in Succulents

Echeveria perle von nurnberg with minimal lightI am always experimenting with my succulents. Last year I purchased an Echeveria perle von nurnberg, separated it into two plants and put one in the ground with direct sunlight for 4 plus hours a day and the other in a planter that was full of other succulents. The other fat plants in this planter grew taller and bushier and blocked almost all of the sun that this poor plant was enjoying. Several months later I noticed that my little echeveria had grown almost 8 inches in stem and was peaking around the bigger plants. This is an example of etiolation in succulents.

Etiolation in echeveria
Etiolation in echeveria

Etiolation is a process in flowering plants where there is a lack of proper sunlight or none at all. Signs of etiolation can be stretching, thin stems, yellowing or pale in color and leaves spread out on the stem. The photo above shows my little guy in his shady home under the succulent canopy. 8 months later (March 2015) he is a gorgeous dark pink on a stem that is over 16 inches long.

We found this video on Youtube showing several of these echeveria living in different environments. The author does an excellent job showing examples of etiolation as well as some helpful advice about thirsty succulents.

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