Macro Photography – Succulents

macro photography - succulents up close

Succulents are the most interesting plants. I am a broken record, as I seem to mutter those words daily. It is almost as though they have their own personaltities and every day I discover something new about one or more of the thousands in my gardens. After receiving a new lens from my father for my birthday, taking a class at YouTube University to learn how to use it,  I decided to have a little photo time with my plants this morning.

Plectranthus coleoides 'Cerveza 'n Lime'
Plectranthus coleoides ‘Cerveza ‘n Lime’

Two of my favorite times of the week are just after the sun comes up on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  It is especially fantastic the morning after a good rainfall. Although it didn’t rain last night, I did feed and soak most of my yard with leftover rainwater I collected last month last night.

All of my plants are perky and almost smiling. Ready for a beautiful day of California sunshine. Hopefully as time progresses I will improve with my camera skills and be able to capture the sense I get in my yard so I can share it with you with photography and not just my words.

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