• Fully rooted living succulent plant standard plastic growers pot with soil.
  • FATPLANTS is a family-owned and operated California licensed nursery and grower. Plants are shipped directly from our nursery to your door.
  • Please refer to product description for more on individual varieties.
  • Plants may not be identical to the photos as they are live plants and grow differently throughout the year. Colorful plants will fade due to being in a dark box for several days but should brighten back up with the correct lighting and care. Plants may arrive taller, shorter, wider, narrower, thicker or less thick based on health, availability, season and readiness.


Adromischus triflorus or calico hearts is a rare succulent with heart shaped leaves. The thick leaves have a dark purple to red, gray and green camouflage appearance and are one of the more eye-catching plants offered in our nursery. Another succulent that cannot survive a hard front but will do well indoors. Bright light, infrequent watering and a nice cactus and succulent soil in a well draining pot will make your new adromischus flourish. Soft succulents will not survive a hard frost, but if there is a risk of freezing temperatures they can be brought indoors to grow on a sunny window sill or under a grow light. They need bright sunlight, great drainage, and infrequent water to prevent rot. Pick containers with drainage holes and use well-draining cactus and succulent soil with 50% to 70% mineral grit such as coarse sand, pumice, or perlite. Water deeply enough for water to run out the drainage hole, then wait for the soil to fully dry before watering again.