• Frost Tolerance: No 
  • Minimum Avg. Temperature: 30°F  
  • Sun Exposure: Partial Sun 
  • Growth Habits: Up to 8″ tall and wide
  • Watering Needs: Summer – Regular / Winter – Light 
  • Propagation: Offsets, seeds 
  • Zone: 10
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Cotyledon tomentosa is a perennial succulent shrub that has fleshy, fuzzy, paw shaped leaves. This plant comes in green and a white and green variegated variety. This plants’ unique texture and appearance make it great for any rock garden, succulent arrangement or just on its own in a nice pot. Native to Africa, this bear paw can reach heights of up to 20 inches in height. This cotyledon blooms in the Springtime with gorgeous bell shaped orange flowers. This plant can handle temperatures as low as 25 degrees but we do suggest covering if you expect temperatures to dip below freezing at night. Bear Paws will do well indoors in a bright place as well. As with most succulents, water only when the soil has completely dried. Propagates easily by cutting.

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Additional information

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