• Frost Tolerance: No 
  • Minimum Avg. Temperature: 30°F  
  • Sun Exposure: Partial Sun 
  • Growth Habits: Up to 8″ tall and wide
  • Watering Needs: Summer – Regular / Winter – Light 
  • Propagation: Offsets, seeds 
  • Zone: 10

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Cotyledon tomentosa variegata is a charming succulent with fat, pudgy leaves that end in multiple points. Each leaf looks uncannily like a bear’s paw, complete with toes or claws, leading to the common name Bear Paws Succulent. Furthering the resemblance, each leaf is furry, covered with a fine, silvery fuzz you’ll want to pet. Cotyledon tomentosa variegata (syn. Cotyledon ladismithiensis variegata) features variegated foliage, with irregular streaks of green and creamy white.

The bear paws plant thrives in bright, indirect light outdoors, making a handsome specimen plant or mixing well with other succulents in a mixed planter. Be sure to plant in fast-draining succulent soil. Water the soil only when it is dry. Cotyledon tomentosa variegata blooms on short stems with flowers shaped like upside down bells in soft shades of salmon, orange, yellow and pink.

Variegated bear paws plants are easily propagated by stem cuttings or individual leaves. Easy to grow and reproduce, with pudgy, furry leaves and beautiful blooms. Is it any wonder this is one of our favorite fat plants?

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Additional information

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