• PurVera is not processed, nothing added, so that you get the most benefit from the Aloe Vera Plant. PurVera is the inner gel of the Aloe Vera Leaf. The leaf is skinned and the gel is removed, cubed, and placed in a resealable container. This allows you to store and use the Aloe Vera gel conveniently and without any guess work.
  • There are many “Aloe Vera” products on the market, however they can be compared to fruit juice which is full of many ingredients including SUGAR. Most of these Aloe products are watered down to the point where they provide no benefit from the Aloe at all. PurVera is different. PurVera is nothing but Aloe Vera!
  • The creator of PurVera has spent over 30 years in the Aloe Vera business. During the 30 years the company has had the opportunity to grow the largest Aloe Vera field ever in California. Currently the company operates the largest Aloe Vera nursery in North America selling potted Aloe Vera plants to big box and large grocery chains all over the world!
  • Some retailers have a hard time properly displaying the Aloe Vera leaves, making it difficult and messy for the consumers. This leads them to buy manufactured processed products that are not PURE ALOE VERA!

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What is PurVera? Put simply, it is Aloe Vera that has been skinned and processed into cubes for consumption as an edible, packaged in a plastic container. Why not just purchase an Aloe plant and do this myself? While individual leaves or plants can be purchased, the process of extracting the edible portion of the Aloe is tricky and, done incorrectly, can see some of the non-edible portions remaining, which can lead to stomach irritation, as well as a bitter taste. Our PurVera process ensures perfect cubes every time, cleaned and packaged for a worry-free experience. So you can eat it straight out of the pot? You can eat it raw, for sure. It is described as having a clean, refreshing taste. More typically, however, it is blended into drinks and smoothies, or added to salsas or as part of a salad. Why would I eat it? For the health benefits. Aloe Vera is known to improve digestion as well as being rich in calcium, fiber, amino acids and vitamins. Can I also use it as a topical, similar to how people use regular Aloe Vera leaves? Yes, absolutely. It can be applied to cuts, minor burns and abrasions, or to the skin after a long day in the sun. Try freezing it in an ice tray for extra relief! My PurVera arrived warm, is it still safe? Yes, in some cases near the end of its journey PurVera may arrive warm, place your PurVera in the refrigerator upon arrival. How should PurVera be stored? PurVera should be refrigerated in the original container. Do I keep it refrigerated? Yes. PurVera – Specs – Aloe Vera gel is packaged in 16oz plastic containers. – Cubes are hand cut to half to three-quarter inch size . PurVera – Health Benefits Aloe Vera has numerous health benefits, both as an edible and a topical. As an edible Improves digestion Contains calcium, iron, dietary fiber, potassium and other essential minerals One of few plant sources of Vitamin B-12. Ideal for vegan diets Fat free Detoxifier Relieves heartburn As a topical Relieves pain and stimulates

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