Frost Tolerance: Hardy

Minimum Avg. Temperature: 50°F (10°C)

Sun Exposure: Light shade

Growth Habits: Clump of 4-6 inches in diameter stemless rosettes (10-15 cm)

Watering Needs: Regular water in summer, very little water in winter. Subject to root rot if over watered

Propagation: Offsets, seeds



Gasteria is part of the family Asphodelaceae, subfamily Asphodeloideae. Closely related genera include Aloe and Haworthia, and the species of these genera are known to hybridise relatively easily with each other.[3]

Dividing Gasteria into species is extremely difficult, as each plant can be highly variable. One plant will look different depending on its location, its soil and its age. Young Gasteria plants typically look entirely different to older specimens. (Usually, young plants have flat, strap-shaped, highly tubercled leaves, in a distichous formation.) In addition, the species tend to flow into each other in gradual transitions, with many intermediate forms, rather than being cleanly divided into discrete and separate species. Lastly, hybrids occur easily and naturally, whenever the range of two species overlap in habitat.

There is therefore considerable disagreement on how many species exist, with as many as 100 names being listed. Current studies tend to agree that there are between 16 and 23 species.


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Additional information

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