• Frost Tolerance: No 
  • Minimum Avg. Temperature: 30°F  
  • Sun Exposure: Partial sun
  • Growth Habits: Up to 12″ tall 
  • Watering Needs: Summer – Regular / Winter – Light 
  • Propagation: Seeds 
  • Zone: 10

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The Kalanchoe Thrisiflora is a succulent plant that sticks out among others. This plant grows in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, South Africa, and Swaziland. This plant is to be put in partial sunlight and partial shade. The leaves grow to be 6 inches wide, which gives them the nickname of the “Paddle Plant”.

This plant needs to be placed in pot with great drainage. Water the plant once the soil is dry to the touch. This plant is able to absorb a lot more water than other succulents. The Paddle Plant is to be watered regularly through Summer and lightly through Winter

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Additional information

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