• Frost Tolerance: No
  • Minimum Avg. Temperature: 30°F 
  • Sun Exposure: Partial Sun
  • Growth Habits: Up to 6″ tall and 6″ wide
  • Watering Needs: Summer – Regular / Winter – Light
  • Propagation: Offsets
  • Zone: 10

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The succulent plant Pachyveria Glauca is a very unique looking plant with spikey rosettes, giving the plant its’ nickname the “Little Jewel”. This plant is covered in farina which gives it a soft feel. This plant can grow to become up to 6 inches tall and wide.

This plant should be placed into partial shade and partial sun. This plant is not frost hardy, so should be placed in a warm area. This succulent should be watered regularly in the Summer and lightly in the Winter.

Additional information

Additional information

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