Frost Tolerance: Fragile

Minimum Avg. Temperature: 50°F (10°C)

Sun Exposure: Partial/Full Sun

Growth Habits: Clump of 4-6 inches in diameter

Watering Needs: Regular water in summer, very little water in winter. Subject to root rot if over watered

Propagation: seeds

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This colorful succulent is native to Peru and Ecuador an easy to grow indoor plant. We offer 2 types green on the top and burgundy red underneath or a light green top and a dark green underlay. In summer, a flower spike emerges with tiny yellowish-white flowers that have a foul odor if you come close and sniff. Full to partial sun and make sure the soil dries out between watering.

Pepromia nivalis is evergreen, creeping or upright succulent plant, up to 6 inches (15 cm) tall, with fleshy stems containing anise-scented sap. The leaves are boat-shaped, fleshy, brilliant green, white or white-flushed pink below, densely borne at the ends of the stems.

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Additional information

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