• Fully rooted living succulent plant in a 4 inch industry standard plastic growers pot with soil.
  • Plants will arrive in individual gift packaging with cushioning.
  • Plants may not be identical to the photos as they are live plants and grow differently throughout the year. Colorful plants will fade due to being in a dark box for several days but should brighten back up with the correct lighting and care. Plants may arrive taller, shorter, wider, narrower, thicker or less thick based on health, availability, season and readiness.
  • Fat Plants is a California licensed grower and retail nursery.
  • See product description for more information on plant species


This gorgeous echeveria pulvinata succulent plant has fuzzy, green leaves with red edges. Rosettes will grow to approximately three inches in diameter. This echeveria should come inside if temperatures drop below 30 degrees F. This listing is for a fully rooted plant. If you live outside of California your plant will be shipped with our winter packaging.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight .15 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 4 in