• Frost Tolerance: No 
  • Minimum Avg. Temperature: 30°F  
  • Sun Exposure: Partial Sun 
  • Growth Habits: Up to 3′ long
  • Watering Needs: Summer – Regular / Winter – Light 
  • Propagation: Offsets, seeds 
  • Zone: 10a


Senecio rowleyanus receives its common name from specialized leaves which are the size and shape of small peas (about ​14 inch diameter).Its trailing stems can grow 2–3 feet (60–90 cm). There is a small tip on at the distal point of each leaf and a thin band of dark green tissue on the side known as a “window” (see below). It blooms during the summer and, like all asterids, it has a compound flower. The trumpet shaped flower forms clusters (about ​12 inch diameter) of small white flowers with colorful stamens. The flower will last about a month and is said to smell like cinnamon and other spices.

Commonly cultivated as an ornamental plant. It is typically displayed in hanging baskets with the leaves cascading over the edge of the container. It can be grown indoors or outdoors (above freezing temperature) and is considered to be low maintenance. Like most succulents, it requires very infrequent watering (about once a month), a few hours of direct sunlight and is not affected by humidity. Good soil drainage is essential to prevent root rot, so sandy soil is recommended (cactus mix or 3:1 potting soil to sharp sand). This plant can be propagated easily by cutting or pinching off 4 inches of healthy stem tip and lightly covering them with moist potting mix. The roots will quickly develop from where the leaves are attached to the stem.

In humans the string of pearls plant is rated as toxicity classes 2 and 4 by the University of California, Davis. Class 2 is defined by minor toxicity; ingestion of string of pearls may cause minor illnesses such as vomiting or diarrhea. Class 4 is defined by dermatitis; contact with the plant’s sap may cause skin irritation or rash. Likewise, if consumed by animals it can cause vomiting, diarrhea, drooling, skin irritation or lethargy.[3]


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Additional information

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