Return and Refunds

Our return and refund policy requires proof of damaged or unhealthy plant. We understand that we are shipping live organic items and getting tossed around in a box for two to three days is not the most optimal environment for them. Sometimes the travel is rough and we are happy to replace any damaged plants. With that being said we do require a photo of how the plant arrived within two days of receipt. We would also like to see the entire box and how it arrived, This is not mandatory but will assist in your claim.

All claims should be directed to support@fatplantssandiego.com.


Shipping times may vary depending on the date ordered. Most orders go out within two days of purchase. During the hot and cold months we look at the US weather trend. If the route of travel is precarious we will hold shipping Thursday – Sunday. This helps your succulents arrive in the best condition as possible. We found that some packages don’t move on Sunday and can get stuck in a hot or freezing truck. We ship using 2 or 3 day shipping. If you need expedited shipping please call and we will accommodate your request as best as possible. 

Struggling plants?

Please send a photo of any plants that are not doing well within the first 30 days. The plants you order take quite a bit of time and love to grow to shipping size. We want your plants to do well after you have received them so PLEASE contact us as soon as you see any sign of them going south. We will try our best to diagnose them and get them to bounce back. We can not take responsibility if plants perish past 30 days and you have not reached out for help. Succulents are hardy and easy to keep alive but sometime things do not go accordingly to plan so please contact us as soon as possible. We will always be hear to assist with any and all succulent issues.


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