Succulent Birdcages

All you need is a little moss, some cuttings and an old birdcage to make this beautiful living succulent birdcage.

We have used everything from old coffee cans to old rain boots. Wrap some succulent cuttings with moss and green floral wire and hang them in a tree!

Fat Plants Favorite Succulent Birdcages cost less than $20 to make and can last for years if you care for it correctly. Line the bottom of your cage with sheet moss. We used a double layer of moss and then added a few cups of our growing medium. We added another layer of moss on top of the soil. You can also put a full succulent plant inside the cage and wrap the layer of moss the stem of the plant. Buy San Diego home-grown succulent cuttings here:

Use a chop stick and punch a hole into the moss where you want your succulent cutting to live. You can place cuttings inside the cage or around the edges. Make sure that you use cuttings with long enough stems and slant the hole slightly upward. We recommend dipping the stem of the cutting in Clonex before you place it into the moss.

When you have filled your cage to your liking, place it in a warm and sunny place, out of hot direct sunlight. Water is your birdcages enemy! We suggest soaking your birdcage in a bucket filled with water and succulent food for thirty minutes every 3 to 4 weeks.


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