Living Succulent Projects

As soon as you catch the succulent itch you will start to notice all the things around you that can be used as a planter. All you need are a few good ideas, as many colorful succulent cuttings as your heart desires, a bottle of Clonex, some moss, a chopstick and possibly some floral wire.

We have used everything from old coffee cans to old rain boots. Wrap some succulent cuttings with moss and green floral wire and hang them in a tree!

Succulent Wreaths

Probably the most popular succulent project is a living succulent wreath. It took us several years to perfect our methods of constructing and caring for our wreaths. Take a look at some of the succulent wreaths we have made over the years. Wreaths are fun and easy to make and even easier to maintain!

Succulent Wall Boxes and Frames

Turn an old frame into a beautiful succulent wall hanging. Take an old crate and build a wall of fat plants. Learn more about how you can build one yourself.

You can actually build one of these in an afternoon and spend less than $100.

Succulent Palm Tree

One of our favorite Succulent Projects was placing fat plants all over our palm tree. We filled the tree pockets with moss and used floral wire to make them sturdy. Voila! A succulent palm tree! You can also use floral wire to attach your pockets of moss to the tree.

Succulent Bird Cages

Any old birdcage or bird feeder made of wire that can hold moss can usually also sustain holding a succulent. Some of our cuttings have taken root and have been thriving for years in moss. Learn how to make a living birdcage with succulents here:

You can also use a suet bird feeder and make a square succulent orb. These can be hung on trees or walls or even on other succulents!

Succulents in Hypertufa pots

We followed the recipe for making hypertufa pots from Lowe’s and filled it with our usual growing medium and moss. Added our favorite cuttings and two years later it is fuller than ever!

Lowe's has an easy to follow hypertufa recipe that we followed to make our planters.

Succulent Fountains

Make an old water fountain into a succulent haven. There are several stunning trailing succulents that will spill over the side of a tiered fountain.

You can also plant succulents in an old bird bath. Mix and match your succulents using cuttings and plants if you would like. Remember how important drainage is for succulents. Mixing in plants that require more water than most succulents is not recommended.

Succulent Orbs

Succulent orbs are fantastic! Especially when they start blooming. Check out some of our other Succulent Orbs and learn how to make your own.

We are now selling pre-made orb kits. Everything you need to make your own ball of fat plants. Check out all of our succulent DIY kits in our store.


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