Rhipsalis Cereuscula – Coral Cactus

Rhipsalis Cereuscula – Coral Cactus

rhipsalis cereusculaThis miniature woody succulent is often called a Coral Cactus or Rice Cactus. I planted a little 2 inch Rhipsalis Cereuscula over a year ago in a hanging planter with limited sunlight and something has set it off as it is now shooting 12 to 18 inch stems with miniature versions of itself attached.

This succulent is part of the Cactaceae family and it will withstand temperatures to 15 degrees F, however it doesn’t really like it when it is under 50 degrees. These fun little plants are easy to propagate and look great in planters as well as hanging baskets. If you look closely, the top pieces look like little green pieces of rice. I have also seen them referred to as mistletoe cactus. I have yet to have any of my rhipsalis bloom, but from research the flowers look very cool.

There are 35 recognized rhipsalis and their heritage comes from South America, mainly Brazil. It is the largest genus of epiphyte cacti. This succulent is found as an epiphyte in tropical rainforests. It’s stem takes on three main shapes, terete, angular or flattened and their stems are succulent.

We have the Rhipsalis Cereuscula growing well in pots as well as in the ground. Our plants in the ground do not grow as lengthy as those in the hanging pots. This plant seems to thrive when it is humid and it is out of direct light.

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