Motorcycles and Succulents

Motorcycles and Succulents

Motorcycles and SucculentsOver the weekend I jumped on the back of my friends Street Bob and headed up the coast about 30 miles and then east on the road towards Borrego Springs.  Motorcycles and succulents, probably two things you don’t think about at the same time unless you are a total succulent freak. Anyhow, I have made this drive several times to see spring blooms in the desert, but never have I ventured out here on the back of a bike. We made it to the top just in time for me to check out a cool cactus growing on the side of the cliff before the sun was completely gone.

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Most normal people would have been in awe of their gorgeous surrounding, riding up the California coast on a clear summer night as the sun is starting to set. As a passenger of a cruiser you have a fabulous unobstructed view of everything and the freedom to look at it all but all I ever look at or look for are cactus and succulents. Even when we were at the top of the mountain. My friend captured this photo just before we drove back down the mountain.

motorcycles and succulentsA new set of rules was finally implemented into being a riding passenger of my friend.

  • Succulents are not an emergency.
  • Succulents are not something that we need to stop and look at, something that requires me to wave or shake my hand at and most definitely,
  • Succulents are not something that I am  allowed to discuss on the bluetooth we have set up between our helmets.

This is yet another of my “I knew I was a succulent addict when…” moments.


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